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At the beginning of 2020, Lavan Financial Group underwent a major change in their business model.

Transitioning from a consumer lender to a B2B advisory firm is a tricky path to walk.

The new direction needed a different kind of approach. With the sheer scale and scope of the LFG offering, plus a tight turnaround, we had to be razor-sharp in our strategy from the outset.

Discovery: how to find your brand's bedrock

We began with a deep discovery phase, plunging into the concerns and strategic goals of the client while balancing a tight turnaround.

First, we worked to clearly delineate the goals for the brand and the website.

Then, looking back through our conversations, we begin to build on insights that helped chart a course for a new brand direction.

Clear, lean, and bold.

Sometimes, brands are born off the back of a story. LFG’s was born off the back of an aesthetic and a dynamic. We decided to focus on elements of the brand’s character and let the story unfold organically. The story, if there was one, was this: be clear, be lean, and be bold.

We kept the name but shortened the logo to the slicker ‘LFG’ stamp as the primary logo. A no-nonsense, declarative mark that would serve as the shorthand for a new kind of firm.

A functional brand with an organic feel

The sheer number of services, and the complexity of LFG’s frameworks meant keeping things clear became our first priority. A painstaking information architecture survey led us to a clear set of service lines and a streamlined story for each. 

Clear, outcome-driven solutions.

We stratified the service lines for LFG according to a clear hierarchy, giving the user clear options from the outset to align with their business growth goals.

We found affinities between raw natural power and images of organic growth, and human geography and structures. These two complementary directions led us to create a clean but engaging professional look, underpinned by subtle metaphors of growth, purpose, and innovation.

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