100,000+ visits. A blog series for one of Toronto’s most innovative design platforms.

Through a combination of in-house strategy and external guidance from antimetric, we helped create a successful blog series that’s drawn in over 100,000 unique visitors to the Looka platform, and further established the brand as a trusted authority.

Google has a list of 200 ranking factors that make certain pieces of content rank higher than others.

While we’re probably one of about 15 agencies who’ve actually read every single one of them, our philosophy follows one of Google’s guiding principles:

Give users what they’re looking for with simple, engaging, and relevant content.

Our pals at Looka already had a great content ecosystem that generated traffic. However, their space was becoming more competitive, and they needed to cover as many avenues for potential traffic as possible to stay ahead.

Generate relevant traffic, build authority.

Looka needed clear and informative content about brand design that was accessible to a general audience, while remaining authoritative, accurate, and up to date.

With a number of top-ranked blog posts for competitive, lucrative search terms (like How to Start a Gaming Channel and Font Trends 2020) we helped Looka beat out hundreds of competitors to the front page of Google, including multiple number-one spots and featured Snippets. The result? 

  • 100,000 new unique visitors/year
  • Over 250 new backlinks and counting
  • Increase in domain authority
  • Tens of thousands of high quality, relevant leads added to Looka’s funnel
  • A stronger market position as a thought leader in the rapidly evolving logo and brand design space.
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